How to Get Started With Keto

How to Get Started

If you want to give the keto diet a try, it’s worth taking a little time to plan ahead. You’ve already learnt about what the diet is, the benefits it can deliver and some mistakes you’ll want to avoid. The question now is, how do you actually get started?

Here, you’ll discover the best ways to get started on the keto diet for maximum success.

Know what you can and cannot eat

Before jumping in to the keto diet, you’re going to need to make sure you know what you can and cannot eat. So, it’s a good idea to have a little list available for you to refer to.

The basis of the diet is to make sure you’re consuming low-carb foods which are high in natural fats. These include eggs, fish, vegetables and olive oil. However, you’ll want to avoid root vegetables as these tend to have a lot of carbs.

Other foods you’ll need to avoid include fruit, bread, pasta, chocolate, soda, alcohol and candy. It’s useful to look up keto recipes to get an idea of what you can eat to keep the diet varied.

Prepare for carb flu

As with a lot of diets, the keto diet can leave you with some nasty side effects. One of the hardest to get through is carb flu. This occurs because your body isn’t used to consuming less carbs. So, you go through a withdrawal period which can be pretty tough to deal with.

With carb flu, you’ll typically feel more tired, you’ll have sugar cravings, dizziness, irritability, difficulty focusing and falling asleep, and you may feel nauseous too. While it may only last for up to a week, it’s still worth being prepared.

You should increase the amount of fats you consume, include more salt in your diet, drink plenty of water and eat more calories to minimize the symptoms.

Don’t forget to exercise

One mistake many people make when switching to the keto diet, is failing to exercise. It’s actually really important to continue exercising on the diet. Not only will this help with your weight loss goals, but it can also reduce some of the side effects of the diet.

You’ll ideally want to focus on low-intensity cardio and gentle exercises such as yoga. On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid anaerobic style exercise as this largely uses carbs, not fat, to fuel the body. As you’re consuming less carbs than usual, you simply won’t have enough to effectively fuel the workout.

So, there you have it – the basics on how to get started with the keto diet. Remember, the more preparation you undergo, the easier it will be to make the switch.

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